First in the Series of Victorian Journals:  "Abigail"

First in the Series of Victorian Journals: "Abigail"

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This is a beautiful, Victorian, Shabby Chic Journal.  She is the first journal in my new series of Victorian Ladies Journals.  My goal is to make one journal with a name using each letter of the alphabet.....this is "A".  Abigail is approximately 9 1/4" x 6 1/2" with a 2 1/2" spine.  Her cover is done with doilies, lace, and flat-back pearls on the front.  The inside cover is done with paper from the Prima "Lavender Frost" paper pad.  The primary color of the journal is pink and varying shades of pink.  Abigail is very dainty and feminine with lots of lace, embroidered borders, lined papers, book page ephemera, pockets, and tags.  Many of the papers are coffee-stained to give the appearance of age.  She is also adorned with several charms and beads.  There are 3 signatures in the journal.  The signature in the center are all vanilla, white, and pink coffee--dyed papers with a punched border on the top and bottom of each page.  There is no ephemera in this section as it was intended to be the primary writing part of the journal.  There are many other opportunities to write in the first and third signatures as well.  There are 15 pieces of paper--each with 4 sides, making a total of 60 pages.  

I have a flip thru video of this journal on youTube if you would like to see all of the inside pages and decorations.  It can be found on my youTube channel at Pink Dragonfly Wingz@pinkdragonflywingz124.  It is at the following link:

I gained inspiration for the ephemera for Miss Abigail from the following crafters on youTube:




Please check out these ladies' channel for wonderful advice, tutorials, and products.