Dark Genre Journal--"Beyond the Darkness"

Dark Genre Journal--"Beyond the Darkness"

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This journal is a little darker than my previous journals.  "Beyond the Darkness" is approximately 9 1/4" x 6 1/2" with a 2 1/2" spine.  Her cover is done in a 3D fashion with flowers, a black resin picture frame, black rhinestone ribbon, and a nameplate.  The primary colors of this journal are black, brown, and cream.  The outside cover as well as the front and back inside pages are covered with black and brown flocked paper.  The journal has approximately 160 in three (3) signatures.  The first and third signatures are decorated with various ephemera while the center signature is blank.  The blank signature was made to be primarily for writing space, but you can certainly use these pages as you wish.  You can journal, add pictures, add memorabilia, or ephemera or anything you choose.  The pages are coffee-dyed by me and the "cover" is a piece of purchased homemade type paper is a beautiful tan/gold color.  Sewing strings are left on some of the pages but you are welcome to cut them off if they do not suit your style.  There are ribbons, bling, tabs, many other types of ephemera.  I used the paper collection that was done by AbstractDownloadArt.  The collection is called, "Mystical Dark and is available on Etsy.  

I have a flip thru video of this journal on youTube if you would like to see all of the inside pages and decorations.  It can be found on my youTube channel at Pink Dragonfly Wingz@pinkdragonflywingz124 at the following link:    https://youtu.be/l_qwMPJTVME

I gained inspiration for the ephemera for "Beyond the Darkness" from the following crafters on youTube:




Luise Heinzl@luiseheinzl


Abroutique Etsy



Please check them out!