About Us

Welcome to my little corner of heaven.  Pink Dragonfly Wingz is an online store that sells Junk Journals, Journals, Scrapbooks, and Scrapbook Supplies.  We also sell Beaded Crosses, Fused Glass Items, Earrings, Tea Towels, and Jewelry Hangers.  The crosses and tea towels are created by my eighty-seven year old mother while the fused glass items are created by my youngest daughter. We try to do our best at all times, but please remember that all of our items are hand-crafted.  There will be little mistakes, little goofs, and minor differences between like items.  We do have a few items that come in multiples, but, for the most part, all of our items are "one-of-a-kind" items.  Once they are gone, there will be no others.  We can make similar but not exact.

Several years ago, I wanted to start a store on one of the International Selling Sites.  However, the fees and costs just got out of my financial range.  I took pictures of my items and got all ready, and put them online for a short while.  My mother, daughter, and I also had that little store.  Since it didn't work out,  I packed all my treasures away and forgot about them.  Then, one day....the urge came again to open an online store.  I hated to ignore the items my mother, my daughter, and I had worked so hard on for the first try, so I have included those items in our special Pink Dragonfly Wingz.  Some of the pictures in Pink Dragonfly Wingz are from those items.  You may see dates on some of the pictures.  That is okay....the items are the same.  I didn't see the point in retaking all those pictures, so I used the ones I already had.