YouTube Video Projects

I have a channel on YouTube now.  I don't have a lot of videos, but my goal this year is to upload 2 videos a week.  The name of my channel is:  "Pink Dragonfly Wingz".  Please take a few moments to check the videos out.  I currently have two types of videos that I do.  On Mondays, I do a video for handcrafting ephemera for a junk journal that we made at the end of 2021.  Every Monday at 10:00 am Mountain Standard Time, I do a video on youTube showing how to make simple ephemera items for your Junk Journal.  These are simple projects to make and we make them step-by-step.  I try to have an example or sample of the project that we do and then we actually make one together--at least I hope someone is out there with me.  The project that we make together in the video goes in the journal and I agreed to sell the "sample" one in the store.  There is only one of each project and we want to sell them for a very small price.  I hope that you like this idea and will look around to see what we are making.  Once the item is sold there will be no others.  On Wednesdays at 10:00 am Mountain Standard Time, I do "How-To" videos, "Things for Sale" videos, and "Walk-Through videos.  I hope you will take some time to look at them and make positive comments.  Thank you so much.  Welcome to Pink Dragonfly Wingz's Section on Magic Monday youTube Video Projects.  

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