Right now we only have 2 types of kits in our shop.  We have "Snippet Cluster" kits which contains all the material, lace, baubles, and bits that you will need to make a snippet cluster.  I made a separate kit for myself to video the process of making the clusters and will include one of my finished clusters in your package.  The snippet kits contain all the same items.

We also have "Baubles and Bits" kits.  These kits contain paper, lace, ephemera, fibers, etc. for you to use in your scrapbook or your junk journal.  The items in these kits are all loft over from books, journals, cards, etc. that have been made.  The "Baubles and Bits" kits will all be unique.  There may be some things in several kits, but each kit will be a little different.