Fibers and Lace and Appliques

There are several different types of fibers in this section.  All fibers are reclaimed from thrift store, second-hand stores, and antique stores.  I will try to put in the description what type of fiber it is as best I can.  There are 4 different lengths that the fibers are sold.  Please be aware that each package of fiber is measured by hand and wound on the scalloped cards by hand.  Each package of fiber is finished off with a light bulb pin.

 There are also lengths of lace "ribbon" in this section.  Right now, there is only one kind of lace ribbon and it comes in two widths:  single row and double row.

There are also many different lace appliques in this section.  Right now, we have appliques in salmon, peach, teal, and white. 

Take a look and let your imagination run wild as you create new ways to use these beautiful pieces of lace, ribbon, appliques, and fibers.